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Jayden’s POV: Noooow we’re talkin’! Jayden’s face expression beamed as Justin got up- woohoo, he finally made him stop being boring and have some fun! Jayden felt so proud of himself for accomplishing that… - times infinity. Justin was a little too good at playing angry though, but the boy only took that as a challenge to try his hardest to break Justin’s tough, bad guy act. "Naaaaaaah, you caaan’t haaaveeee iiiiiiit…" He hummed teasingly, wiggling the remote in front of Justin before burying it in the back of the sofa as he slowly pushed himself to the other end of it. This was such a typical intro to their wrestling battle- Justin pretends he wants something badly, Jayden refuses to hand it over and they end up tickling and fighting until Jayden finally wins. This time, however, he knew he’d fight only half as good because he couldn’t use his left arm (… he couldn’t risk hurting it again!), so his brain worked at the speed of light to find a solution to avoid Justin’s attack and assure his victory with little effort. "Buuuut you can haaveeee…" His fingers secretly wrapped around the edge of one of the fluffy pillows as he slowly made a dramatic intro before tossing it right at Justin while yelling "THIS!" None amazing warrior such as himself went to the  battle unprepared, so he grabbed another pillow within a blink of an eye and threw it at Justin while hopping onto the sofa, laughing and ready to run. 


Hiding the remote only fanned the flames further and Justin’s speech was punctured with exasperation as he spoke. "Jayden, I am not kidding arou-" His words were cut short by a pillow colliding with his chest. He took a deep breath and released it slowly. Count to ten, wasn’t that the advice they always gave in the movies? One, two.. feeling slightly calmer.. three, four.. rationality returning.. "Ah!" He exclaimed as another pillow crashed into him, a direct hit on his forehead this time. Apparently Jayden’s good arm was not inhibited at all by the injured one. "Jayden!" He barked, in a loud, snappy voice that even he did not recognize as his own. His blood was boiling in his veins. He couldn’t get a word out without these kids propelling objects at him. This was open warfare. If he couldn’t even keep them in line for a few hours, how could he ever expect his own future children to respect him? That thought made his blood pressure sky rocket as he glared at the youngster. JJ was moving around pretty freely for a kid who couldn’t reach the damn remote a few minutes ago, he noted. He’d let these kids run rampage in Britney’s absence, and now his nights’ work had probably been lost too. This was a complete and utter disaster, and JJ was about to feel the brunt of it. "I am done playing games with you!” He was louder now, losing control of his temper as he picked up the pillows and threw them down on the couch with more force than necessary. He searched for a moment before he found the remote, and clicked the tv off completely, as he had previously threatened to do. "No more tv!" He declared as he waved the remote at him, taunting just as JJ had but with malice instead of teasing airs. "And get down from there now! He commanded, knowing one slip off the couch cushion could lead them right back to the emergency room and Britney would not forgive him for that. "Now you better sit your ass down and be quiet or you’re going straight to bed! Do you understand me?" 


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I guess I will go to the doctor and make sure it’s not anything serious like a serious sickness or something. It doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Especially with all these new viruses doing the rounds. As my mama always says, it’s better to be safe than sorry! I hope you’ll be okay. Are you getting some rest?

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What else could it be?


I am massively relieved. So he finally did it!! That’s awesome news for the charity. Have you done it already too?

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Oh really? You still wear bright red and yellow colored benies? I doubt it. Not the ones like he wears, idiot.


Wait, did John Cena come up with that or something? I’m confused. Oh my god can you STOP talking about Tyler and ovaries because it’s starting to freak me out. Also—I’ll cut a bitch, what? So, not even worried.

Ew, no. But I do wear beanies so BOO-YA! Shut up, I could totally be Jesse for Halloween and I’d be awesome at it, BITCH!

Duh, have you been living under a rock? Basic Thuganomics was the first song released from John Cena’s debut rap album. The ignorance is real, Katie! And what is this? Do I smell a sour jelly baby? I’m not even gonna try and hide how excited this makes me. I have waited for so long to see those girlfriend claws come out. Go get yo’ man!!

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Snoop is so reckless on IG lmao


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HAHAHAH I made Jensen… Wet.


Are you talking about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or….?

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So i did the ice challenge, but couldn’t find a bucket at short notice, so i done the ice pan challenge!

You are such a rebel, Rob! I especially like the way you kept your baseball cap on the whole time and protecting your million dollar hair. I wish I’d had the same foresight.

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I either ate something bad in Hawaii or I caught something. But either way I feel like shit and I just…can’t with today. Grossed people out on the plane then got dizzy going back to my seat. Today is just grand.

Oh god. Get to your bed and/or doctor asap, Shay! That sounds awful.

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Early morning filming means too much coffee, which means I have way too much energy and nothing to do with myself now!


It sounds like somebody needs to discover decaf!

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