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[text] I'm trying really hard not to miss you, because you're doing this for the boys... But, I think I made a wrong decision deciding to take my mind off you by being in charge of River while Sam is venting out with the decorations. She's so tiny. And her head smells like babies. I wish she could sleep in bed with me tonight. I wish one of these was in my belly right now. And I really wish you were here. Okay, the point is- I miss you.

[text] I wish all the same things too, baby. Our time is coming, I know it is. If you can’t snuggle River tonight, let Jakey take her place. He doesn’t smell like babies but he loves you almost as much as I do. Which is A LOT. I’ll give Tre a nudge and see if Sam might want a night free of baby duty… I love you, Pinky. Please don’t be sad. Keep thinking of the boys faces when they get their big birthday surprise! I’ll be home soon. Missing you every second. J xx

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Time to go for real now. See you all in a few days xD

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Do you think maybe we could go to our ranch for that? Like, once upon a time, there was a Cinderella girl at this big ol’ farm. One day, the Black Cowboy was passing by and… and… and he stole her and bent her over the kitchen counter. The end. 


Oh gosh, yes, he could definitely use one. I’ll ask Robin to book us an appointment at doggy spa. D’aweh, baby… his first manicure and you’re not going to be here. :( Do you think maybe we could catch Daddy Trace and Uncle Jay at Skype some time?

You got it, Cindy. I especially like the ending, just so you know.

You gotta record it for me, Bun. I hope he doesn’t freak out and claw the poor person. Of course you can Skype with us. I’ll be missing you like crazy and Trace will be sick of listening to how much I’m missing you like crazy! :P I want pictures of the princess tea party too. I’m bummed I’ll miss out on all this cute stuff.

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But, Justin… guns are hot! You guys can be, like… super cowboys at the Wild, Wild West, in the quest of tracking down the superhero that might never be found… Y’all can put those huge hats on… guns by your belts… whips for the horses… - so. hot. 


Can I tell you a lil’ secret? - I promised Maddie and Sophie that we’ll organize the tea party together, but I already know how I’d like to do it. There will be so much cupcakes. Like, oh my gosh. Extra frosting, of course. I would like to send you the best pictures, you know? Oooh, and we even have a little pink bow for Jake too! He’s going to be Jacqueline for this weekend. 

We’ll play cowboys and saloon girls when I get home too, baby. I got you. 

Pictures. I need pictures. Don’t you DARE do that without sending me pictures! And whaaat? Jacqueline? Oh Brit… can you at least get him a manicure while you’re dressing him in frilly pink things? Maddie and Sophia will be fine. Just tell them it was their idea and they’ll believe you. Aunty Bitsy would never tell a lie.

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That’s… so… freakin’ cool! Yes, yes, yes. Do that, baby. I mean, the poor guy needs to know I haven’t forgotten about him, it’s just that..- uhm… Huh. I, um…- I was going to say that we just need to show a little affection to the Vegas counter too, but then I remembered we don’t…- I think we should fix that. Like, as soon as you get back. I think the girly energy here will be so powerful because of Sam and the girls so, like… we need to take advantage of that, you know? 


Oh, and… am I a bad person for wishing Trace will take that gun with you guys whenever you’re all alone at your NYC whereabouts? Just in case, ha!

Ah, you think we should channel all that positive feminine energy? Sure thing, baby. So enjoy your dressing-up-like-princesses, your playing-with-Barbie-dolls, and your super-fun-girly-tea-parties-with-yummy-cupcakes, and be on that counter waiting for me the second I get home.

Umm, do I need to pull up some gun accident statistics? If there’s a weapon in the apartment, my chances of being accidentally shot goes through the roof. You know what kind of a prankster he is, I don’t trust him with that shit in our place. No, baby. You don’t want that. 

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Heading to bed now. Goodnight everyone. See you all in a couple of days.

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Solid. I’ve got a few years left to figure my shit out before I become a no body. Way to make me really start feeling the pressure, bro. I can do what I want as long as I still have some semblance of a career. Which brings me to Ryan effing Murphy. We just had a little bit of a rough patch with all the media surrounding my personal life as of late and I’m just ‘choosing’ to take on a smaller piece in the final season of Glee is all. I’ve been in the process of recording for the last two and a half years, but alas, no producer can get me to production. I’ll take a hack that’s sold a jabillion records over never seeing my music get off the floor of a studio, naw’ I mean?


You’re Naya freakin’ Rivera. You sing, you act, you dance. What is holding you back? Not a damn thing! Go get it, girl. Oh yeah, I’m with you there. I mean, Timberlame is headed to the land of Oz in two weeks but I’m pretty sure he could spot you some time. He is kind of a douche but I heard you’re friends with his girlfriend sooo, you could probably swing it. And pfft. If Murphy doesn’t see the star he has in you, keep on walkin’. There are bigger and better things out there for someone with your talents.

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